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If you carry a gun for personal defense or want to develop the skills necessary to do so safely this is the course for you.

The IDS course is an intuitive shooting program designed to help the student be more efficient with a defensive firearm in the context of a worst case scenario.

Based on ability, the class always dictate course progress/flow, but at a minimum, the course will cover the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting & Intuitive Skill Development
  • Defensive Accuracy
  • Lateral Motion
  • The Balance of Speed & Precision
  • The Critical Incident Reload
  • Volume of Fire
  • Realistic Training for Multiple Target Engagement
  • Presentation From the Holster
  • Understanding the Body’s Natural Reactions during a Dynamic Critical Incident.

This course goal is to help you quickly develop fundamental skills to apply in a worst case scenario defensive shooting situation.

The IDS course is based on years of constantly evolving information about how the body works and what happens during the worst-case scenario. It has been heavily influenced by the diverse group of certified instructors who teach it and the thousands of students who have been through courses worldwide. This class and program feature various specialty drills and training methods that the student will utilize in their practice after the course to continue developing their abilities.

Gear and Ammunition Requirements

  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Defensive handgun
  • Three magazines for double-stack and 5-6 magazines for single-stack guns.
  • Holster made for the handgun
  • Sturdy belt
  • Approximately 400 – 500 rounds (student supplies their ammunition)
  • Comfort Items (water, food, snacks)