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Guns For Everyone was established in 2010 by Isaac Chase and Edgar Antillon. Initially GFE was a platform to have fun on Youtube, but it later became the home of the FREE Concealed Carry Classes in Colorado.

What We Offer

Guns for Everyone first started the FREE concealed carry class in response to Colorado’s HB-1226, which would have eliminated the option for college students to defend themselves. Well, that bill was killed in the Colorado Senate. Now this class is for all who want a concealed handgun permit but cannot afford, or are morally opposed to paying for a $150+ class.

Our mission is to provide free concealed carry classes to all Coloradans regardless of their financial status.

A well armed citizen is essential to liberty. But a well armed and well trained citizen is key to a safe community. We train everyday people in the art of self-defense. Providing free concealed carry classes to mothers, fathers, grandparents, college students, etc is critical to ensure safe communities.

  • Handgun Training 95%
  • Self-Defense 90%
  • Rifle 80%

Frequently Asked Questions

We will answer the most common question right off the bat. Is this for real? YES! This is real. The concealed carry class (ccw) is 100% free, and you will receive a certificate to present to your county sheriff.


Is this real?

Please have some faith in humanity. Again, this is real. The concealed carry class (ccw) is 100% free, and you will receive a certificate to present to your county sheriff.

Why do it for free?

We conduct free ccw classes for several reasons, but mainly for two reasons: We do not believe that you should have to ask the government for permission, nor should you have to pay them to defend yourself. The other reason is financial. Not everyone can afford to pay for a class, then have to pay the government.

Are you funded by the NRA?

NO! We operate strictly on donations from students and people who believe in our cause.

Edgar Antillon

Edgar Antillon


Edgar Antillon spent five years in private security, most of that time was spent as a contractor for the state of Colorado. During that time Edgar gained knowledge and training in hand-to-hand combat, close quarter handgun techniques, and defensive shooting. He is an NRA Certified Instructor and has been active politically, since running for office for the first time in 2010.

Isaac Chase

Isaac Chase


Isaac Chase has spent the last several years turning his passion for firearms and individual liberty into action.  He is an NRA Certified Instructor in Basic Rifle and Basic Pistol and has used his talents for teaching to instruct both groups and individuals about firearm safety, personal defense, and firearm laws.  He is committed to furthering our rights in our state of Colorado and our country by providing free quality firearms instruction to the citizens of Colorado. He currently lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and 3 children.

Amazing. Very informative and inspiring. Edgar not only relays valuable information about the laws (and importance of being knowledgeable of the ever-changing nature of these laws) of owning/concealed carrying a firearm in Colorado, but also demonstrates the value and necessity of continuous weapon training and self-defense strategies for when you find yourself the victim of a crime. Moreover, he challenges his audience’s level of moral soundness when it comes to the important responsibility of carrying a firearm and blatantly calls out those that may be hypocrites or “shoot-before-asking-questions” kind of people. I have tremendous respect for Edgar and for this nonprofit organization. I would, without a doubt, recommend this course to anyone considering getting a concealed carry license.


Just attended a class with Isaac today, I would highly recommend this class, very informative!!

Alicia S.

This class is well worth over $200, yet any optional donation you can give is gladly accepted and there is zero required charge. I will be donating more and will also be taking any classes he has to offer. Thank you Guns For Everyone for doing this.

Mike B.

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