Guns For Everyone is the Home of the Free Concealed Carry Classes, commonly called CCW. We are headquartered in Arvada, Colorado just outside of Denver. We also have a location in Colorado Springs. We service all of Colorado and will be expanding to other states.

Guns For Everyone first started the FREE concealed carry class in response to Colorado’s HB13-1226, which would have eliminated the option for college students to defend themselves. Well, that bill was killed in the Colorado Senate. Now this class is for all who want a concealed handgun permit but cannot afford, or are morally opposed to paying for a $150+ class.

What We Offer

All of our classes are based on scientific and empirical evidence. Our defensive shooting program has been vetted by neuroscientist and is backed the Range Master data. Learn more about IDS and CFS HERE

FREE CCW Classes

These are entry level classes for those interested in obtainig a concealed carry permit.

Defensive Shooting

We offer 4 different live fire shooting classes. Some call these “tactical” classes. These are range classes designed to help the student be more efficient in the context of a dynamic critical incident.

Medical Classes

From time-to-time we offer medical classes. These are designed to give you a better understanding of how to treat wounds that result from a self-defense encounter.

Home Defense

Our Home Defense seminars are for those interested in knowing how to decrease risk at home, and be better prepared to defend yourself.

Clases En Español

Ofrecemos todas nuetras classes completamente en español.

Mental Health

Part of gun ownership is understanding how to navigate our mental health. We host mental health seminars as well as partner with organizitions like WTTA.