About Guns For Everyone: GFE was established in 2010 by Isaac Chase and Edgar Antillon. Initially GFE was a platform to have fun on Youtube, but it later became the home to FREE Concealed Carry Classes in Colorado.

Guns for Everyone first started the FREE concealed carry class in response to Colorado’s HB-1226, which would have eliminated the option for college students to defend themselves. Well, that bill was killed in the Colorado Senate. Now this class is for all who want a concealed handgun permit but cannot afford, or are morally opposed to paying for a $150+ class. Our mission is to provide free concealed carry classes to all Coloradans regardless of their financial status.

We provide free concealed carry classes across the state of Colorado. Both Isaac and Edgar are NRA Certified Instructors, and have disciplines in Pistol and Rifle.

In this Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014 photo, Edgar Antillon, one of the organizers of an effort to have a ballot measure placed before voters in the 2016 November election to allow marijuana users to carry concealed firearms, stands outside the State Capitol, in downtown Denver. The measure would change state law to prevent sheriffs from using marijuana use as a reason to deny a concealed carry permit to an applicant. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)Edgar Antillon spent five years in private security, most of that time was spent as a contractor for the state of Colorado. During that time Edgar gained knowledge and training in hand-to-hand combat, close quarter handgun techniques, and defensive shooting. He is an NRA Certified Instructor and has been active politically, since running for office for the first time in 2010.






Isaac ChaseIsaac Chase has spent the last several years turning his passion for firearms and individual liberty into action.  He is an NRA Certified Instructor in Basic Rifle and Basic Pistol and has used his talents for teaching to instruct both groups and individuals about firearm safety, personal defense, and firearm laws.  He is committed to furthering our rights in our state of Colorado and our country by providing free quality firearms instruction to the citizens of Colorado. He currently lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and 3 children.