In our last blog post, we discussed some incredible data about armed citizens stopping mass killers. This week, we have a video for you that defies belief….or does it?

The following video hit the internet a couple weeks ago. A piece of brass that was ejected from a handgun bounces off the barrier and lands on an open box of ammo. The brass hits an exposed primer hard enough to detonate it, causing a small explosion as well as quite a bit of confusion.

This seems a little impossible to believe, yet here we have the video. But what is interesting is that this is actually the 3rd documented case of this kind of freak accident that I have personally come across.

Several years ago when gun blogs were all the rage, I stumbled across a post where someone said this happened to him. He had several pictures documenting the .45 ACP brass case that had exploded, including pictures of the tray that the ammo was in when it happened. Even with the pictures, readers were skeptical.

In 2021 I encountered another documented case of this happening, again with pictures documenting it. Again, people doubted the circumstances. Now we have evidence on video.

What do we learn from this? For me, I am reminded of the way that we approach safety when it comes to firearms. There is always a balance of risk and benefit. Even in “controlled” settings, we cannot eliminate the risk of something going wrong. Accidents are sometimes hard to prevent because some of them are so incredibly unlikely. This is a reminder that we should always be cognizant of the risks as much as possible, known and unknown.

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