What is ‘enough’ training?

When we see students come through our classes, we know from experience that most of them will not continue to train with their guns and self defense skills.  It’s an unfortunate reality and it tends to be for very important reasons: Time and Money.  These two factors are hard to argue with.

I want to acknowledge these hurdles.  I have my own budget and schedule that can get in the way of training.  What I tell students in the class is that we need to remember the high stakes of what we are preparing for, and to encourage them to find a balance for themselves between their competing priorities and their need to be ready for a self defense incident. 

How much is training is enough? Obviously there’s always more to learn. But a reasonable amount of training for most people is at least one live fire defensive handgun class a year. That is manageable for most people. Yes it’s time consuming and expensive, but remember what motivated you to take responsibility for your safety in the first place. You understand the high stakes, the training should follow.  Ongoing education can and should augment the training.  Fortunately great education is widely and easily available these days.Your preparation for self defense is a journey, not a single destination.