Refund Policy

Our goals is to make the refund policy as fair as possible for students and Guns For Everyone. Our concealed carry classes and live fire classes have unique policies. Please read the policies below.

Concealed Carry Classes

Because these classes are free and payments made for these classes are a donation, and not an actual class fee, there is a no refund policy for all free concealed carry classes. This includes the Concealed Carry Fundamentals, Concealed Carry Law Focused, Concealed Carry Hybrid, and any other variation of the free concealed class.

Paid Live Fire and Defensive Shooting Classes

All live fire classes and defensive shooting classes will require a 72 hour notice of cancelation. If 72 hours or more is given, Guns For Everyone will refund 75% of the class fee. 25% will be kept to pay for all credit card processing fees and administration costs. If less than 72 hours notice is given for cancelation, no refund will be issued, but fee may be used towards a future Guns For Everyone class.

Deposit For Free Classes

Some live fire classes will be free if a requirement is met (USCCA Membership). These classes will require a deposit specified in the event ticket. This deposit is refundable ONLY if you attend the class. Because the deposit is to hold your spot in class, even if you cancel, there will be no refund. If you cannot attend the intended class, the deposit can be used for a future class.