This wild story comes to us from East Nashville, TN. A Walgreens employee was attempting to intervene in a shoplifting incident and ended up shooting one of the shoplifters who was pregnant.

Police said a Walgreens employee was notified by another employee that two women were stealing items from the store. The employee told police he saw the women putting items into a store cart and into a large over-the-shoulder bag. The employee said he began recording the women with his cell phone and followed them as they left the store without paying for the items.

According to investigators, the employee said as the women began putting items into the trunk of their car, he made his way to the back of the car. That’s when one of the women reportedly pulled a can of mace and began spraying at him.

The employee then pulled his semi-automatic pistol and began shooting, saying he was afraid and did not know if either of the women were armed. The women then fled in their car while the employee went back into the store and called 911, according to police.

It’s very likely that this employee had no intention of shooting either of these women who were stealing from his employer. But when you are carrying a gun around, every conflict includes the risk that the gun will become involved. This requires that you think ahead about your actions and seriously consider what you’re willing to risk and why.

This man’s self defense case is now going to include that he shot a pregnant woman who was forced to deliver the baby prematurely through emergency surgery, putting both the mother and child at risk. Many people are frustrated with issues like shoplifting, but this man now has a very long and very difficult criminal battle ahead of him, not to mention the likely civil action he will face. He is not only facing the legal consequences, but this man is almost definitely no longer going to be employed by Walgreens.

Carrying a firearm carries certain risks, and these risks are potentially life changing. The benefits of carrying and using the firearm should always clearly outweigh the risks. In this case, they certainly did not.

Get trained, educate yourself, build your skills, and think before you act. Remember what is at risk when a gun is involved.

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