Last week, we wrote about understanding anatomy and how that applies to a self defense shooting.

This week we’re going to discuss how your right to self defense comes with a huge responsibility.

We love talking about Rights. I have a right to speak, a right to own a gun, a right to expect privacy from my government. Individual Rights are the bedrock of our Western civilization. Many people in our society still understand this, and advocate for it. 

What often gets ignored in the defense of Rights is a discussion and acknowledgment of our Responsibilities. Guns For Everyone has made Responsibility part of our message from the beginning. For instance, your Right to own a gun comes with the Responsibility to handle that gun safely.

When it comes to self defense, every human has the Right to protect themselves.  We are born with that Right and it is sacred.  But we tend to not acknowledge the Responsibility that comes with that Right. You cannot expect other people to protect you if you will not accept your Responsibility to protect yourself. 

While we are all blessed with the same rights, we are not all blessed with the same abilities.

There is only one person you can guarantee will be present the moment you are faced with a threat: You. You are your only reliable defender. If you take your personal safety seriously, you must accept this. Your mindset must reflect this. Your preparation must respect this.

While we are all blessed with the same rights, we are not all blessed with the same abilities. I understand that not everyone is physically, mentally or even financially gifted with the resources to be a top level fighter. Not everyone is going to be able to deliver a damaging punch with precision. Not everyone is born with the ability to stay calm in a fight. Nor can everyone afford the means to train like an elite athlete or soldier.  Life is not fair, life is not equal.

The Responsibility to defend ourselves starts with our mindset and our will to win. Anyone can develop the mindset for self defense. Even if I am not as trained as the next guy, even if I am older, smaller, more frail, I will do everything in my power to be ready to defend myself. If I am targeted for an attack, I will win the fight or I will die trying. Why? Because it’s my responsibility.  How can I ask others to do for me what I am not willing to do for myself? How can I ask someone else to risk their safety to protect me when I am not willing to fight for myself?  

The Right to self defense must be paired with the Responsibility to prepare for self defense, and the will to defend yourself. If we all took this Responsibility as seriously as we take our Rights, our society and culture would be very different than it is today. 

I strongly encourage you to take the chance to train for actual defensive scenarios. Join us for an upcoming class and build the skills that may save your life!